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Bailee King | Holistic Health Practitioner | Mindset Muse | Creatrix | Certified Foot Reflexologist | Reiki Level 3 Master | Yin Yoga Teacher

A journey within one’s soul. A unique expression of our life path through showing up intentionally everyday to honour ourself and the abundance of the earth. 

My path wasn’t always a clear and direct vision. I fuelled my body with toxins which in turn made me feel a loss of control within my life, and the precious time spent on earth. I was one of the lucky ones, that knew of holistic health teachers to support me on my rising and reclaimance of my purpose. It all started with a Reiki session in 2016 that brought clarity surrounding how I am meant to evolve in this time and space. I have taken interest in the invisible yet potent forces that surround us for as long as I remember, but it wasn’t until I experienced Reiki when I finally understood that these forces could be harnessed to support me on my healing journey.

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Bailee constantly is improving her skill set in the holistic health space and is currently certified as:

  • Foot reflexologist

  • Reiki Level 1- 3 (master teacher) with Bruce Whittier

  • Reiki Level 3 (master teacher) with Mariah Pelley-Smith

  • 5 Elements Yin and Restorative 50hr yoga teacher certification with Yoga Alliance

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Majesty Studios is a direct reflection of the purpose that is imprinted within my heart. Offering intentional services for others to explore the infinite and unique realms that lay within our energetic body. From the cyclic rhythm that connects us to the planetary powers that be, to how we can allow ease within our human vessel by re-wiring our subconscious through healing practices.

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I began my entrepreneurial journey a few months after my first Reiki treatment, using my creative essence and newfound love for energetics to create crystal jewelry. Embellishing jewelry with crystals weaves healing energy as well as an expression of your soul journey. Once I recognized my relationship between the power of healing crystals and the yearning to expand my knowledge on energetics, is when I committed to transforming my past habits into lessons to serve my evolution of mindfulness and personal accountability.

As much as this holistic world is intangible, you can find comfort in the pieces of jewelry I design. My business has evolved to support your healing journey with ritual products, as well as energy services.

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In April 2017, I became certified to offer Reiki treatments. Since then, my world has been an ever-evolving fountain of knowledge, trust, and exploration. I am devoted to investing in myself to provide expansion for others. I also gained my Foot Reflexology certification in 2017, Yin Yoga Teacher certification in 2019, and Reiki Master certification in 2020. I spend my days planning how my business can support the healing of the collective as well as the planet. My offerings are always levelling up, another reflection of how my soul is imprinted within my business. 

Today, you can find me living in Nova Scotia, although I have left pieces of my heart scattered in many crevasses of the world. My most sacred teachings come from travelling and the people I meet along the way. I love connecting with new souls that offer new perspectives on all things other-worldly. I spend my free time at the beach or cuddling with my cats, and my favourite time of day is sunrise to enjoy my daily practice of movement, meditation, and journaling.

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Whether your journey is healing past trauma (mental or physical), balancing the mind-body-spirit, or aligning with your soul purpose I strive for my business to welcome you with an open heart and listening ears.

Building a community with an open and present mind is one of the greatest gifts I can give back from my ongoing years of self growth and intuitive living on the path of expansion.

Whether you are interested in learning more about reiki healing appointments, or reiki training & certifications you can always start with a free clarity call with Bailee.

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