Desire to begin your journey in expanding your intuition and becoming a certified energy healer but are looking for investment options? Or maybe you are beginning your healing journey and know you are desiring to dive in to the healing possibilities of Reiki or Reflexology. Browse the packages below to receive discounts to bundle and save!


Choose Your Investment

  • Reiki Level I

    Every week
    Obtain Reiki Certification, on a payment plan
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Reiki Level I Certification
  • 60min Treatments

    Mix&Match Reiki (distant or in-person) and Reflexology
    • 15% off (4) Reiki and/or Reflexology sessions
  • Full treatments

    90 minute Mind-Body-Spirit tune-up with reiki+reflexology
    • 4 services of the Mind-Body-Spirit tune up (save 15%)
    • In-Person Appointments only



Obtain your Reiki level 1 certification to start, then progress to become a Reiki level 3 master.

Our Reiki training can be done both in person or as an online Reiki course. Contact Bailee for more information.



Reiki Level 1 - Connection

With the Reiki level 1 attunement, you will learn the sacred Japanese symbols that connect you with the reiki energy. The attunement is like a guided meditation that will cleanse your body and shift you into a different state of consciousness. This attunement is to use reiki on yourself and begin your path of becoming a certified Reiki practitioner and/or master.


Reiki Level 2 - Practitioner

Once completed the level 1 attunement, you have the option to move forward and add tools to your journey that will allow you to charge for the service. This attunement will once again open your energetic field and a shift of consciousness. Time to share your love with the world!


Level 3 - Master

To become a Reiki Master, you must have completed level 1 and 2 attunements. Becoming a Reiki Master takes accepting you will forever be changed energetically for the highest good. You develop the skills on how to teach and host attunements, but you can always take the attunement to connect to the highest energy source and decide to not teach others. Once a master, you will find yourself creating peace and happiness in your day to day life and see the energy truly is reflected in your thoughts and actions.

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Majesty Studios believes the foundation of happiness begins within and we grow further as a community. Every healing journey is different, as long as we are open to change and committing to ourselves is when a true shift begins. Bailee, owner of Majesty Studios has curated packages to empower womxn on their new path of self love. Bailee has also walked a long journey of healing from past traumas,  which is why she has a passion for guiding others to live their best and most authentic life. She has studied holistic health for over 5 years with a wide knowledge in many areas, and believes everyone can find clarity using natural remedies.



I always feel full when I offer experiences that can support you deeper in your healing or spiritual journey. Sometimes one Reiki or Reflexology session just isn’t enough to fully transform your life, your habits, or the subconscious belief patterns that the connection to your divine bliss has been lost in. Many times, this is not our fault. Our brain, our fascia tissues, our organs; carry so much memory of our past and as humans we tend to work from a space of comfort ability or predictability because this is what is imprinted within our human experience. But we are so much more than what makes up this human vessel. There are pathways of energy like rivers running through our entire being, that can be alchemized to work for us- not against us. The energy we receive and call in is directly a mirror to how the energy within is reacting to our state of being. If we can rewire and invest the time into taking care of our body and our mindset, the energy we are calling in is that much more attracted to us, as we are in alignment and aware of the magnetic field that surrounds us.

Soul Sovereignty is a 6 week journey for women who are committed to redefining what it means to live in alignment with our highest expression through the inner standing of how our inner systems co-create with the universal energetics.

Apply for Soul Sovereignty


What benefited me most from Bailee's energy services was the emotional aspect, I love the positive energy you feel from the moment you lay down to when you leave. It's an amazing experience that I believe everyone should try and I highly recommend Bailee's services to anyone.


I am so very grateful for Bailee. She's amazing at what she does and she is the least judgemental person I've ever met. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone. If you're considering trying it, just do it! You won't regret it.

R Ryan

After five years of going to see Bailee I can say without a doubt she is one of the most genuine and caring business owners I’ve met delivering nothing short but fantastic services every single time. I will openly admit I am not the best client, being so busy I frequently move appointments around and Bailee has not once denied me or reacted negatively, she cares about her clients and wants to help. Bailee’s atmosphere is the most relaxing, positive and healing place to go to when life seems so hectic, seeing her alleviates all of that and I leave feeling like a better person every time. I can’t say enough good things about her and her service!!

Emily Campbell

I had my first Reiki session with her the energy and magic that she brought to the table was incredible. Being new to Reiki, Bailee made me feel so comfortable, allowed so much space and opportunity for questions and gave me a lot of guidance. She puts so much care and intention into every client and ensures that everyone is supported in their energy work.

Anna Jamieson