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January 31st-February 7th

You have probably heard of the energetic chakra system found in the physical body and may already have a relationship of and inner-standing with your chakras. As a Reiki Master, I have been studying practices and healing techniques of how to take responsibility of balancing our energies to serve from a space of the highest potentiality. 

Quite possibly, you have explored practices and meditations regarding this ancient system founded in India and Hinduism teachings. It is a foundation of how we can understand the subtle yet powerful energy system within the body. 

Why not tune in deeper?

Let’s go further than a practice, let’s begin to truly gain wisdom from this energy field by recognizing the connection of how the energy we hold within the body- creates who we are and how we externalize that. Through journal reflection and practices I know will embrace your spirit deeper than any regular “chakra yoga practice” you may have experienced online. 

These practices are curated to not only activate and heal each chakra, but also to refine your relationship with these sacred energetics to awake in alignment each day with your highest truth, while healing and reprogramming how we show up each day with trust and respect for the self and others.

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~ Daily Practices at 9am AST on zoom
~ Forever access to replays 
~Chakra workbook with journal reflections, wisdom and tips to synchronize your life with your chakra system
~Group Reiki chakra activation experience
~Discounted rate on (1) 1:1 energy healing appointment

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~ Who is choosing to create or deepen their relationship with their inner world
~ Who is ready to uncover truths of how their energy works for them and against them
~ Who is desiring to heal aspects of the past and create a more intentional future
~Who is prepared to transmute past beliefs that no longer serve them and well-come in shifts that will serve the natural flow of their energy system.

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Join the 8 day Chakra challenge January 31st-February 7th

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This experience is a sliding scale investment, meaning there are no questions asked when choosing your amount to pay Majesty Studios. The recommended investment is between 22$-111$ To access the experience. Steps for payment will be shared in the wellcome email. Majesty Studios thrives to offer healing services for all, and is honoured to share this magick in spaces that are attainable for any participant. 

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