Obtain your Reiki level 1 certification to start, then progress to become a Reiki level 3 master.

Our Reiki training can be done both in person or as an online Reiki course. Contact to Bailee for more information.


Reiki Level 1 - Connection

With the Reiki level 1 attunement, you will learn the sacred Japanese symbols that connect you with the reiki energy. The attunement is like a guided meditation that will cleanse your body and shift you into a different state of consciousness. This attunement is to use reiki on yourself and begin your path of becoming a certified Reiki practitioner and/or master.


Reiki Level 2 - Practitioner

Once completed the level 1 attunement, you have the option to move forward and add tools to your journey that will allow you to charge for the service. This attunement will once again open your energetic field and a shift of consciousness. Time to share your love with the world!


Level 3 - Master

To become a Reiki Master, you must have completed level 1 and 2 attunements. Becoming a Reiki Master takes accepting you will forever be changed energetically for the highest good. You develop the skills on how to teach and host attunements, but you can always take the attunement to connect to the highest energy source and decide to not teach others. Once a master, you will find yourself creating peace and happiness in your day to day life and see the energy truly is reflected in your thoughts and actions.



What’s included?


  • 3 hour live online zoom class + recording

  • 27 page workbook

  • Level I certificate

  • Private attunement Ceremony (in-person or online)

  • 21 day cleanse support booklet

  • Lifetime access to Reiki alumni facebook group


  • 45 minute Distant Reiki Session

  • Weekly 15 minute Check-in Call

  • Opening and Closing Ceremony

  • 54 Page guidebook

  • 4 weeks of intuitive practices to gain clarity in your Journey

Week 1 -Prep Work: Cleansing your auric field​

Week 2- Energetic Alchemy  

Week 3- Transmuting the Shadow

Week 4- Breakthrough subconscious patterns to gain confidence in mastering your craft


  • 3 hour live online zoom class + recording

  • 18 page workbook

  • Level II certificate

  • Private attunement Ceremony (in-person or online)

  • Lifetime access to Reiki alumni facebook group


  • 45 minute Distant Reiki session

  • Weekly 15 minute Check-in Call

  • Chakra balancing booklet and practices

  • 4 weeks of integration practices  to support your journey of becoming  a Reiki practitioner

Week 1- Prep Work: Priming the mind-body-spirit for elevated consciousness​

Week 2- BEing of highest service

Week 3- Discerning Spirit from ego

Week 4- Heart-based dedication to your craft



Here's what you can come to expect with our online Reiki courses. As you progress through your Reiki training you will continue to learn and develop the tools of a Reiki master.


  • The history of Reiki

  • The principles of Reiki

  • How to use the first Reiki symbol

  • How to administer Reiki

  • How to connect and create a daily practice

  • Hand Placements


  • Giving Treatments

  • Working with Reiki distantly 

  • How to use the emotional and distant healing symbols 

  • How to run a Reiki business

  • How to attract Prosperity

  • Living as a practitioner


  • How to use the 2 master symbols 

  • How to administer attunements

  • How to create self-mastery 

  • How to increase your power and confidence to be master Reiki


Want to get a bit more personal with me before you invest? Jump on a free 15 minute call with me to gain clarity on your evolutionary journey