January 29th, 2022 | 1pm AST

Deepen your relationship with your inner knowing and gain clarity when listening to your intuitive body. Join this free experience to uncover the power of aligning your reality with your body’s natural flow. An interactive 1 hour class to gain wisdom in guiding an intentional future within the feminine principles, and activating the goddess through the infinite depths of the womb with a meditation and embodiment practice.



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~ To synchronize her inner energetics with her outer environment to embrace life with full trust and ease
~ To increase productivity in her structured projects, and gain momentum in her healing journey
~ To be in alignment with her natural flow
~ To reclaim her sovereignty through awareness of how the inner cycle creates her reality

To be told a women’s body holds so much wisdom is still something taboo to speak on. The human body is responsible for 80% of our intelligence. Yet we have become so disconnected from our feelings and how they interconnect in creating our reality. Many of us have been programmed that logical thinking and making decisions based on what our brain tells us is correct practice - which in turn discredits how perfect and beautiful the intuitive body is. Women are naturally connected with the moon, and physically experience changes in the body each month. Our power resides in honouring the body. When we begin to synchronize our tasks, productivity levels, and self care to how we feel within the body, that’s when the magick happens. The magnetism, the ease, the flow, the simplicity. Really - this becomes the most logical practice we can gift ourselves when serving from a place of passion and purpose.