Birth Control and Energy Effects

“It‘s effective”

”You can just forget about it once it’s implanted”

”It‘s safe for the next 5 years”

These are all comments you hear when choosing the IUD as birth control. For myself; due to blood deficiencies I cannot use the pill, the needle, or nuvaring. If I wanted to be on birth control the only one option is the IUD. I had the IUD implanted in August 2017, just when I began to move deeper into my spiritual and healing journey. It is “normal” to have pain and bleeding the first 6 months of implantation. I’m not sure who deems these side effects “normal”; but never the less - I felt these and then some. Pain almost everyday, irregular bleeding, low libido, and an unknowing surrounding my unique cycle.

After about a year, these side effects subsided, but little did I know this would be the least of my worries for the years to come. From 2018-2019, there was a year of my body normalizing this implantation and puncture into my womb space. And it all went downhill from there.

In early 2020 I began having the most painful cramps I’ve ever had to deal with. No matter how many doctors I spoke to that told me this pain couldn’t Have been from the IUD- I knew that something was NOT right. It took until May of 2021 and multiple doctor, hospital and emergency visits to see a gynaecologist to schedule a surgery for my IUD to be removed. The strings were lost, and I was in so much pain due to inflammation There was no way they could try to remove this without anesthetic. This IUD removal would become the first surgery I would ever have- including anesthesia as well.

As something that is considered ”safe“, within the 20 years of the Mirena IUD being an available and marketed form of birth control, over 13,000 women have dealt with perforation of the IUD (puncturing the uterus and moving to another area of the body), +more who needed surgery just to remove it. Over 5,000 women have filed a lawsuit against Bayer- the maker of the Mireya and gained compensation for injury. Something that seems so easy and accessible for many, becomes inaccessible when there comes complications and waiting months or years to remove a foreign object from the body causing pain.

Medical Doctors are very experienced in their field and this post is not to discredit their work in any way - but a medical doctor is only taught to look at the anatomy of the body and statistics and research that has been offered to them. Women are naturally intuitive beings, yet our voice tends to go unnoticed in the hospital room and we face exhaustion due to self-advocating for our health. As an energy intuitive, holistic health practitioner, and living this experience myself; there are many pieces to the puzzle that tend to go unnoticed when choosing the correct birth control for you.

❌ The Mirena tends to block the period, thus having effects on what else it is blocking. As it penetrates and punctures the womb where our divine feminine magic is held, it can also block us of our inner power.

❌ Many forms of birth control including the pill and copper iud actually stop you from having a “real” ovulation cycle - when ovulating is important for the feminine anatomy- reducing inflammation, increase muscle gain, and bone health. By using these forms of birth control your chance of osteoporosis and heart disease increases.

❌ It can take up to three years for our body to finally go back to its normal state of being. Unfortunately, Birth Control is given to teens regularly - who don’t even have a chance of understanding their own body before taking synthetic hormones.

So what were the benefits I have found since being off Birth Control?

❤️ My Manifestations come into form with ease

❤️ My skin is clear and glowing

❤️ I have more energy and no pain

❤️ I have motivation to live out my truth

❤️ Less bloating and more success with weight lifting

Many of these benefits are an energetic form, maybe even subtle synchronicities that would go unnoticed if not tuned into the body. And a women’s greatest gift is too be so in tune with herself and the world around her. When we become numb to those pieces of ourselves- That’s when our power is taken away.

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