How to Celebrate the Fall Equinox

In the northern hemisphere, the Fall Equinox is celebrated September 21/22, while in the Southern Hemisphere It is celebrated March 21st. Equinoxes symbolize the balance of dark and light. When we move through these phases, there is the same amount of light during the day as well as the same amount of darkness. The sun and moon are in complete balance with one another. During the fall equinox, we offer gratitude to the waning power of the sun and the coming of darkness.

So how should we celebrate?

The fall equinox; also known as “The Witch’s Thanksgiving” marks the time to appreciate the bounty of the harvest and share the joy of all that was grown over the past summer season. This is a great time to celebrate by setting intentions for protection, wealth, and prosperity.

Aligned Actions:

- Offer gratitude to the abundance of the earth by creating jam or wine with excess fruit of the harvest.

- Hot apple cider is an amazing way to call in this new season and sip around the fire With friends and loved ones! Here is a super yummy recipe I tend to re-create every year from the book “Witch” by Lisa Lister


-1 litre (1000ml) apple cider - teabags or prepared fresh cider from the market! Here in Nova Scotia, apple orchards are abundant and is super easy to pick up some pre-prepared while still enjoying the freshness of the cider.

-1/2 tsp whole cloves

-1 litre grape juice (this adds depth to the drink)

- 4-6 cinnamon sticks, broken in half (this adds more cinnamon flavour when sticks are broken)

- 1 tsp allspice (or more)


-Add the apple cider and grade juice in a saucepan and heat

-Add the spices and bring tot a boiling

-Boil for ~5 minutes and then simmer for ~5 minutes.

~Serve! Add intentions if you wish


Create an altar space or centrepiece for the dining room with a few of these objects to attract your desires:

Cornucopia - attracts prosperity and abundance. Fill with sacred plants, acorns, apples, etc.

Golden Calendula (marigold) - Luck and fortune

Apples - Connected to the heart

Crystals ruled by the sun to bring in revitalized energy during the darker months: amber, peridot, citrine, yellow topaz, tiger‘s eye, clear quartz


There are many deities in different cultures symbolizing the harvest. You can call on these deities or connect with their energy through meditation and embodiment practices.

Connect with the Greek goddess Demeter, the goddess of agriculture.

The Roman goddess Ceres, goddess of wheat and harvest

The Hindu goddess Parvati, Goddess of beauty and fertility

These are only a few examples of harvest Goddesses. They all represent fertility of the land and protection of the mother.

In Chinese medicine, Fall is associated with the metal element - connected to our lungs, grief, and hope. It’s the letting go phase and transitionary period of moving inwards and preparing for winter.

Choose to balance this energy by purifying the lungs with breathwork and shoulder openers. This opens the body with the least amount of resistance to the change that is

incoming. When we are balanced, we have healthy sense of self -worth, optimistic, and allow the process of grief.

I am at peace with impermanence

Want to go deeper into the fall equinox practice? Join me here in my online facebook group for a metal element yin yoga practice September 22nd, 7:30pm atlantic (6:30pmEST) !

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