How to Make and Use Moon Water

Full moon blessings! While the moon is illuminated and shining her power upon us, it is a beneficial time to alchemize the element that is connected with the moon. As the moon is ruled by water, infusing the water we use on a daily basis can be a powerful tool to use in self care practices and rituals. Just like charging crystals under the moonlight, water is meant to be a living element that nourishes us and can be charged with different energies. The molecular structure of water crystallizes when infused with positive energy.

How To Make Your Own

What you need:

A Jar: A mason jar, tupperware with lid, bottle, or I like to get fancy with it and use some vintage wine decanters with a top I find at the thrift store. The zestiness is real…just like your own potion bottles. Be sure the jar is clear so the moon’s light can be reflected into it.

Cleansing tool: Whether this is incense, sound instruments, or herbs, I like to cleanse the jar before adding my water.

Water: You may use any water you feel connected with! Filtered water, tap water, river or ocean water, just be sure its drinkable if you intend to drink it! If it’s raining the night of the full moon, I tend to leave a bowl outside to catch the rain water and use this! I feel deeply connected to the earth when I have been gifted rain on this day to do so.

Crystals: This is optional! If you feel called to connect to Certain energy, it can be potent to add one or two stones to the jar with the water to symbolize your intention. Make sure the crystals are safe for water - clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, tiger‘s eye, moonstone are a few and are all considered safe.

Quiet Space: Allow some time to reflect on your intentions to infuse into the moon water. I invite you to connect your intentions with the supportive energy the moon is offering in her cycle at the moment.

Set your moon water out in the moonlight to charge while you sleep. You can choose to label your moon water the date and moon cycle + your intentions and use it when you feel called to so. I recommend using the moon water before the next new moon, but others choose to keep ahold of the infused water until they would like to reconnect with their intention.

How To Use

Bath: Add the moon water into your bath and bathe in the moon’s magick while you tend to your Self for rest and replenish and soak up the energy that has been gifted to you. When using full moon water in the Bath, a ritual I like to practice is focusing or meditating on what you are releasing and visualize or feel it washing away into the water. When draining the water, stay in the bath until all the water is drained. Visualize all that you have released going down the drain and being cleansed of all that you have been holding on to that does not serve you.

Drink: Drink the moon water to raise your vibration and embody your intention. Drink intentionally before your daily self care practice - whether that be meditation, yoga, dance, or self massage. If you decide to drink the water, be sure you have used potable water in your jar and the crystals (if used) were cleansed before adding them into the jar.

Room Spray: Add some Essential oils and sea salt or epsom salt to a spray bottle with your moon water. The salt will help balance the water and oil so it doesn’t dilute and/or evaporate. Spritz your environment to allow the space to be filled with your intention.

Brew: Simmer the water with your favourite herbs and either make a tea to ingest or simmer pot to fragrant your home. Bonus points if you choose herbs that also correlate and benefit the intention you infused into the moon water!

Get creative! If you practice spellwork or spell jars, you can use some of the moon water in your jars or potions. Practically anything that calls to add water, you can use moon water for!

Full moon rituals and any other practices are meant to support you on your journey of healing, spiritual awakening, and evolution. Always take what feels good for you and leave what doesn’t. There is also never any pressure to always participate in full moon rituals. As always, only do what feels right for you in the moment and what you have the capacity for.

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