Reclaim your power as a wom(b)en

How often do we feel our power being taken away? How often do you allow your power to be taken away? ⁣

Way too many women said they feel like they give their power away way too often. ⁣

What causes women from not expressing or showing up in our power? ⁣

Could it be from the generations of oppression the women have lived?⁣

Is it linked to the genocide of women that were brutally murdered by colonialists because they believed in natural healing and the magic of abundance from earth?⁣

Because our sisters are being mutilated to not feel the pleasure of their sexual organs?⁣

May it possibly be from the taboo-culture surrounding our menstrual cycle that causes us shame of the power our shedding can hold?⁣

The crimes against women have been seen by our ancestors, and today we are still seeing these crimes through the media. ⁣

We have been told over and over again we must conform, that we do not have rights to our own body, that we could be killed for expressing ourselves in authenticity. ⁣

Does this make you angry? Trapped? Frustrated? The systemic beliefs of today is enough to make a woman scream, if you are in tune with your power. ⁣

So how can we reclaim our power? By doing EVERYTHING this society believes is wrong for women. ⁣

Feel your pleasure so deeply you receive that much abundance back to you x100⁣

Choose to not only be grateful for nature, but use nature as a tool for your health and well-being⁣

Create a ritual around your moon-time and connect with your womb to tune into your intuitive gifts ⁣

Express yourself with all emotion. Be inspired that we have the capacity to feel so deeply, that you invest your time into being comfortable with sharing your energy. ⁣

#liberation #wombwork #femaleempowerment #energywork #reiki

Release the fear that you have that’s connected to being seen. Fear is the most dense emotion we can carry. When we are willing to open ourselves with more spaciousness, lighter energy can be attracted to you; which is another step to liberation.

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