The Red and White Moon Cycles

We all know the moon within the universe moves through 8 lunar phases, While the female body moves through 4 main phases of her menstrual cycle. As physical hormones change within the body, our energy levels fluctuate as well. (To learn more about the menstrual cycle and phases - see my blog post here.) There is much more to our feminine cycle than just having our period. As feminine beings deeply connected with the moon, we can be synchronized with her gifts in her different phases.

At times when our cycle is controlled by contraception, we may be out of sync with our natural flow state of our body. This can also be the truth if we are moving through intense stress in our personal life, diagnosed with underlying health conditions, or just experienced trauma within our womb (ie; miscarriages, abortions, sexual assault). These factors can impact our menstrual cycle and there is no definitive “right” answer as to when and how we menstruate. There can be so much beauty when we choose to dive deeper into how our cycle is working for us and how the moon affects our innate energetic system.

The red and white moon cycles are labelled to share insight on the lunar energy that supports us during our times of menstruation and the underlying meaning of bleeding with the full moon or new moon. If you are dealing with any factors mentioned above; and do not bleed at the the time of the new moon or full moon that’s totally ok. As cyclic beings, there are times when our phases are off for a number of reasons. If bleeding in between the new moon and full moon, that could very much be an indicator you are going through a transition are phase You are being asked to tend to. You can still fit into the category of the red moon cycle or white moon cycle if you menstruate within the week of the new moon or full moon. So…what do these cycles ACTUALLY mean?

The White Moon Cycle

The most common cycle, this is when your time of menstruation synchronizes with the new moon. When you bleed at the time of the moon, your innate nature is to nurture. You take pride in family and the role of motherhood is of deep importance to you. Whether that is with children, or your social circle. Your divine path is to birth and nurture the future generation. You are in deep contact with your emotions while menstruating, and also may consider yourself an empath. The White Moon Cycle is in sync witch the earthly realm, the darkness is a time to move inward and allow rest to integrate cultivation to manifest desires. You ovulate on the full moon, therefore are most fertile with the culmination period of the harvest. This is when you experience the highest energy and in a ”flow” state to feel lighter and brighter. his is the ancient system based on when farmers sow their seeds at the new moon and and harvest at the full moon. These women are deeply connected to their maternal instincts and feel fulfilled being of service to those in need.

The Red Moon Cycle

The second most common cycle, when you bleed with the full moon. Women that are in alignment with this cycle tend to be natural healers and are here to birth a “new earth”. While the women in sync with the white moon cycle nurture humanity, the red moon cycle tribe empowers humanity. While ovulating with the new moon, this provides enough energy to hold space for others that may be moving through a “shedding phase” and putting your natural healing abilities to work. While the majority move through darkness, our cyclic energy is here to uplift the collective at this time. Only a few hundred years ago, women that aligned with this cycle were seen as “witches” due to this being the less “normal“ rhythmic pattern. The natural energy of these women is to evolve the human consciousness and keep flow in their journey of self-actualization. These women are deeply connected with their creative energy and harness this through physical movement and sexual energy. These women also tend to find joy in working and exploring wisdom within the mystery of magic.

Sometimes it really makes me wonder what those “witches” were doing when gathering on full moons. As in ancient times, women would come together and bleed together in community and ceremony. This was a deeply spiritual practice called “The Red Tent“ seen in many cultures before biblical times. Perhaps the European women adapted this ritual and met on full moons while bleeding - considering them “Witches”. This is just an observation of mine, that I like to ponder on when thinking about my ancestors.

Do you synchronize with either of these cycles and do these explanations resonate with you? I myself bleed with the full moon and most definitely am aligned with the energy of the Red Moon Cycle. I would love to hear your experience with your cycle in the comments!

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