Virgo Archetype and Symbolism

In modern society we like to believe the symbolism of Virgo energy as - the virgin; however the focus in constellation and most mythology Virgo is considered "the goddess of harvest" or "the great mother".


Through generations, society picked up on using the word "virgin" to describe Virgo - as European and Greek renaissance used the term Virgin meaning Goddess.  

Let‘s not get it twisted- the patriarchal society has furthermore sexualized femininity which must be recognized when we are deciphering between the virgin and the maiden archetype. It is now skewed into an archetype that Virgo - "the virgin" is shy, pure, naive, and chaste; When in reality- Virgo is the complete opposite. They are independent, liberated, empowering, vision-oriented and balanced - more so pertaining to the traits of the maiden archetype. The maiden also offers qualities of vitality and purity- who is only governed by her own self. To be unbounded and possessed by her own innate drive for creation and expression - Virgo nurtures herself and allows her raw and untainted identity to be seen and shared with the world. With these characteristics, there is external projection of the divine feminine qualities that are necessary as a collective.







The Virgo constellation is quite far from other astrological points in the sky- therefore ruling with independence. Virgo contains the nearest large cluster of galaxies in the sky, and is the sixth sign of the zodiac. With the harvest of fall equinox upon us; virgos are considered leaders of culmination and hard workers because of it. This also offers connection to the fertility and nurturing of the land, due to the ruling element of earth.  


The history of archetypes and deities that are connected with ancient Virgo energy include Isis, Demeter, Ishtar, and many more. These deities are considered powerful and play an important role in shaping culture today. We can tap into the energy of these goddesses and deities to embody and understand deeper the essence within fertility, royalty, balance, and motivation.


During virgo season August 23-September 22 there is a natural necessity for law and order In the western society. This is when school schedules govern our lifestyle again, we welcome fall and shift with the season. As Virgo offers practicality, it only makes sense that this is a potent time to re-organize your schedule and home to have a clear mind in bringing forth your new projects and the seeds you planted before the fall equinox. Goddess of the harvest asks to reflect on all that you sow, invite ease into your to-do list, and plant the seeds for the last 3 months of the year. Nurture yourself and your desires while being of Service to those you love. This can look different for every one, and from this Virgo gal I always like to share a reminder that if you find yourself struggling with practicality and organization (like myself) - Organized Chaos is just as practical as minimalism ;)

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