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Welcome to Majesty Studios. Bailee King is the founder and master reiki healer at Majesty. She'll guide you through your reiki appointments, foot reflexology, and reiki certifications. 

If you're unsure what where to start then book a free consultation call with Bailee.

Majesty Studios Reiki Master
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Bailee constantly is improving her skill set in the holistic health space and is currently certified as:

  • Foot reflexologist

  • Reiki Level 1- 3 (master teacher) with Bruce Whittier

  • Reiki Level 3 (master teacher) with Mariah Pelley-Smith

  • 5 Elements Yin and Restorative 50hr yoga teacher certification with Yoga Alliance

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Whether your journey is healing past trauma (mental or physical), balancing the mind-body-spirit, or aligning with your soul purpose I strive for my business to welcome you with an open heart and listening ears.

Building a community with an open and present mind is one of the greatest gifts I can give back from my ongoing years of self growth and intuitive living on the path of expansion.

Whether you are interested in learning more about reiki healing appointments, or reiki training & certifications you can always start with a free clarity call with Bailee.

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Bailee King is a Reiki master, holistic health practitioner and founder of Majesty Studios. Read Bailee's full journey to get to know more about how your reiki healer found clarity and continues to evolve with you along our healing journeys.

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Our Reiki master specifically designs treatments, certifications, and crystals to help you channel your inner energy.

A Reiki master works with energy fields around the body to feel and transfer universal energy from the practitioner's palms to you, the client.  Bailee is Majesty Studio's Reiki master, and uses reiki healing to help you remove energy blocks. Energy can become stagnate in the body from physical or emotional pain which can cause illness. Reiki has been used for 2,500 years, discover the benefits today.


Reiki Crystals


Reiki Training and certifications


Reiki Healing Appointments
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Founder of Majesty Studios, Bailee King, has a passion for honouring our energetic bodies through self care practices and holistic health. Bailee offers unique energy treatments and intuitive coaching, as well as products to uplift your spirit. Ethically sourcing the finest spiritual tools and intentionally facilitating a space where ease and transformation co-habitate, Each area of Majesty Studios is crafted with love, and infused with high vibration. 

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Reiki is a type of Japanese therapy that uses energy healing  your body and mind's energy. Reiki starts with a transfer of universal energy from your Reiki master's palms to the client.


Give yourself the gift of clarity and healing. Our Reiki Healing Session helps you find ease and alignment while also promoting physical and emotional healing.

Reiki therapy can be used for pain, fatigue, anxiety and everything in between. 45 minutes if perfect for your first Reiki session. This will break down into 30 minutes for Reiki therapy and 15 minutes for energy reading and messages that may have come through during the session.

Reiki Treatment
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The feet are the foundations of our being. The foot reflexology treatment starts with a foot soak in epsom salts and essential oils. Then get comfy to feel instant relief through foot reflexology.

Manipulating the foot removes energetic blockages and toxins through the body. Stimulating meridians of each organ, joints, and spine to harmonize the mind body spirit.


Distance Reiki is just as powerful as in-person Reiki. This form of Reiki is very beneficial for energy healing and balancing. The benefits range from feeling lighter, energized, clearer minded, and less anxious.

Our distance Reiki sessions can be done over the phone or video call.

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In April 2017, I became certified to offer Reiki treatments. Since then, my world has been an ever-evolving fountain of knowledge, trust, and exploration. I am devoted to investing in myself to provide expansion for others. I also gained my Foot Reflexology certification in 2017, Yin Yoga Teacher certification in 2019, and Reiki Master certification in 2020. I spend my days planning how my business can support the healing of the collective as well as the planet. My offerings are always levelling up, another reflection of how my soul is imprinted within my business. 

Today, you can find me living in Nova Scotia, although I have left pieces of my heart scattered in many crevasses of the world. My most sacred teachings come from travelling and the people I meet along the way. I love connecting with new souls that offer new perspectives on all things other-worldly. I spend my free time at the beach or cuddling with my cats, and my favourite time of day is sunrise to enjoy my daily practice of movement, meditation, and journaling.

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