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Passion, Pleasure, and Playfulness is a womban’s greatest superpower when curating an intentional lifestyle.

5 Week Feminine energetics and Reiki course | February 19th - March 25th

Sacred Synchronization: Welcome


Does the woman’s cycle and connection to the infinite spirit hold the key for a thriving future? In this experience we will explore how the chakras and menstrual cycle activate the magick between our internal spaciousness and external vastness. In the shifting of paradigms it’s time for the womban to uncover the power of aligning your reality to your body’s natural flow.

Sacred Synchronization: Our Mission


⋆ Embody the unfuckwithable frequency of passion and pleasure to weave her destiny

⋆ Operate at a frequency of liberation 

⋆ Be in alignment with your own supportive energy system for productivity and predictability 

⋆ Create a structured and intuitive lifestyle based on your body’s natural flow

 ⋆ Find awareness of how our natural cycle responds to our living experience

⋆ Reclaim her sovereignty through honouring her inner cycle.


⋆ Recognizes the potency in being rooted in honourship and ownership of her vibration
⋆ Is an entrepreneur and desires to show up in alignment with her highest productivity levels
⋆ Is a creator yet feels stuck in a cycle of “creator’s block”
⋆ Is healing from medical procedures, womb trauma, her relationship with Self
⋆ Begins to awaken her inner witch through ritual, intuition, and practical magick




⋆ 1 week of prep work 

⋆ 3 practices for each phase of the womb cycle 

⋆ Downloadable e-book 

⋆ Recipe book

⋆ Opening ceremony

⋆ Weekly group connection call

⋆ 15 minute energy reading

⋆ 20% off any 1:1 session



⋆ Full Sacred Synchronization Course 

⋆  Reiki level I live class and workbook 

⋆ Private in-person or distant energy attunement

⋆  Self treatment meditation 

⋆  BONUS reiki-cleansed Moonstone Necklace

Find more about Reiki here



⋆ Full Sacred Synchronization Course 

⋆  Reiki level II live class and workbook

⋆  Private in-person or distant attunement 

⋆  Chakra workbook

⋆  BONUS reiki-cleansed moonstone necklace 

Find more about reiki here

Sacred Synchronization: Price List


The most sacred contract we can bind is the contract with Self. To honour and worship the mind-body-spirit as a vessel for optimization, evolution, and innovation. The relationship with the intricate pieces of our identity becomes crystal clear when we intentionally tune in and nourish ourselves with proper practices.


Lubricating the body to be safe in her expression through healing practices of the root chakra. 


Self-paced practices that coincide with each phase of your cycle. These practices not only connect with the Maiden-Mother-Wild Woman-Wise Woman archetypes but also the lower chakras. Kundalini yoga, yin yoga, flow yoga, and meditations support you through the flow of the feminine. Journal reflections and more embodiment practices are included in the workbook as well as a recipe book with meals that support each phase based on your body chemistry.

Sacred Synchronization: About


Hey! I’m Bailee - founder of Majesty Studios. My womb healing journey has spanned over the course of 6 years with many different practices and healing modalities. The most potent transformation I’ve explored is living in synchronization with the sacred contract of my womb and fluctuating energetics. You see, we can practice as much as we desire, book healing sessions with therapists - but the true embodiment of honouring the womb space is to serve everyday where she meets us. It is a relationship between the nourishment of how we choose our outside reality to honour our feminine support systems.


My womb healing journey is ever-evolving. We can hold memories in our bodies well- forever. When I was just 12 years old I was told I couldn’t have children (which I now found to be untrue) - this caused an energetic imprint on how I look at motherhood and how I choose “to be enough” in my womanhood. Starting at the age of 15, I was very much out of touch with my power, my essence. I allowed friendships to decide for me how I should live my life. The loss of control and choice is deeply rooted in the sacral chakra - where the womb is connected. This was not only through my actions and how I was perceived by others - but I also allowed this to dictate my sexual partners. Lowering the standard of mySelf to please others..which in turn I lost my identity. When I was 18 I began to explore my sexuality which has come with loss, confusion and frustration, and at the same time depth, open mindedness, and acceptance. At the age of 20 I was sexually assaulted and this was the beginning of reclaiming my body…my
temple..and how I choose to nourish her. At 21 I had an ectopic pregnancy and was rushed to the hospital - being told I could have died while doctors are poking and prodding within me. 2 months later I had an IUD inserted which in turn rejected causing pain and disconnection to my womb. After battling with the medical system for 2+ Years for early removal… here we are. I finally feel ready and empowered to share my insights on how I have healed many traumas that began in my womb. This is my life’s work of exploration and recovery. I choose to move forward with compassion, grace, and trust in my relationship with my womb - the portal to the infinite realm of life and death. My passion is to teach honourship and ownership of our sacred portal to evolutionize consciousness.

Sacred Synchronization: Our Story


Sacred Synchronization: Testimonials

“I completed the 6 week alchemized alignment course with reiki level 1, and then completed the reiki level 2 after that. I’m so glad I chose Bailee as my teacher. I waited a while until I found someone that I truly connected with, and had the same values as me. She was such a supportive and amazing teacher. These programs are great for someone who is as busy like me- full time student and part time working - she assured that there were designated times for everyone to be included, then the rest was customizable to when it worked for you. Which is what I loved most. There was no pressure to do things right away. There were guidelines and support which encouraged you the entire way through. I learned so much about myself. It pushed me to be a better person and I built a stronger connection with my higher self, which was my main goal. I was even pushed through traumas that I didn’t know were there. Anyone who is getting into this work knows that shadow work isn’t easy. Bailee was always there when needed and set up a program that allowed you to push past your own limits and not let it be forced upon. I highly recommend this to anyone. She will help you become your better self. I have known Bailee for a while and believe me when I say she is an inspiration and a beautiful soul. Anyone would be so lucky to have her as a teacher 💕”

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